Design & Art Direction

About Me

Thanks for visiting my site. In short, I’m a veteran designer and art director available for creative projects virtually or physically anywhere you might need me. If it’s just a resume you’re after, click here.

I specialize in design and art direction and tread at that point where the two meet and overlap. I’ve directed mega photo shoots for huge brands, as well as made tiny logos for non-profits. I’ve made 8k gifs that have possibly gotten more clicks than what’s currently trending on the HuffPo. I still draw pictures, but go to sleep dreaming in layers and masks. I curate, collect, shoot, and design the world around me. Photos, typography, ephemera (and observations thereof) are daily fixations and ever influential in my work.

My career in advertising has spanned a few decades and survived a few major marketing shifts along the way: BRC’s, IRC’s, POS, GIFs, JPGs, FSIs. Whatever the space, my goal has always been the same: clear communication, unique brand representation, and a beautiful user experience.

While in the Bay Area for over 20 years, I worked at some legendary and influential agencies. Riney. McCann. Foote, Cone and Belding. Not to mention, the honor I’ve had to work on some truly incredible brands: Amazon, Blue Shield, Levi’s, Microsoft, and Peet’s Coffee, to name a few. There’s also been some industry recognition along the way from: Archive, Creativity, CMYK, HOW, and Print magazines, a British D&AD award, multiple Pioneer awards, an Andy, and the 1976 Kellogg’s Stick up for Breakfast contest in which I drew Snap, Crackle, and Pop at a dude ranch. I also had a five-year stint at The Academy of Art University as a full time teacher of advertising. It was there that I learned, and honed, my greatest skill: patience.

I come equipped with all the mandates one would expect; concept development, mechanical production, presentation skills, and a heavy toolbox of computer wizardry. But, there’s also some free gifts with purchase — A full knowledge of print production, knowing the difference between a retention and an acquisition program, social media chops, and I’m not scared of B to B or direct response in the least.

Growing up in Greenwich Village, NYC, I was bound to pick up some creative skills along the way. An early, and memorable, nod to my future career in advertising was when I took a jumbo Sharpie and decorated my parent’s apartment walls with signage and prices. I was also known to remove the labels from packaging and replace them with my own custom made ones. How I dreamt of creating the new Herbal Essences or Faberge Organics label back in those days. I went to Public School 3 and learned to play basketball and guitar, that was the 70’s and I was a latchkey kid. A few years later, I landed at the “Fame” school where I immersed myself in music and art, this trend would follow me throughout the rest of my life. I received a BFA in painting from Binghamton University in 1988 and hosted a solo show of paintings and design work in the University Art Gallery before graduating.   

I don’t have kids, but I own almost 2,000 books on design, photography, and advertising that I pamper and fawn over. Some are even displayed in color order. Since I don’t have a car, I can’t post my pride in a bumper sticker, but they show up time and again in my Instagram gallery, #whateverdesign. Thankfully, those people don’t seem to find me weird at all.