Design & Art Direction


I’ve had creative brushes with Microsoft ever since I was an art director at Anderson & Lembke, and that was… a few years ago. Since then I’ve worked on numerous divisions, sub brands, products and campuses both here and in Redmond. I’ve always found the experience to be rewarding in the quality of people and commitment that tend to surround the brand.

When the company refreshed their brand standards in 2013, I got to work on a few implementation projects with Liquid Agency. The assignment below for Microsoft Business Solutions was to show how the new look and feel might be leveraged across the Dynamics CRM and ERP frameworks. We showed the work across  a range of sample materials; ads, mail, etc. The final product was a visual style guide and identity system for Microsoft partners.

Marguerite Lutton DesignMarguerite Lutton Design

Dynamics_Case_3When the Windows phone was launched, I was happy to get a call from Liquid Agency to help with some retail design work. With a large team of super talented people, I helped develop the in-store environments featured below. This was truly an exciting project to work on as the designs would have such an international reach.

Marguerite Lutton Design

Marguerite Lutton Design


Marguerite Lutton Design

The final product was a series of spec books that would be handed out to retailers worldwide explaining how to build and showcase in store materials under the new Windows 8 look and feel.

While working at MRM Worldwide, I was the art director on a spot for the launch of Windows Media Player. Back then, the notion of having everything digital all in one place was still somewhat far fetched and definitely not yet part of everyday life.