Marguerite Lutton

Design & Art Direction

Coors Light

In an attempt to reach a much broader audience than in it’s days of yore (read: everyone that’s not in a fraternity), 72 And Sunny developed a bold new voice that brought the “Silver Bullet” into a more contemporary playing field. The design and imagery were also refreshed to meet this new consumer and I was tasked with developing the look and feel for the print elements. My work helped shape and influence the campaigns that are currently running in magazines and on outdoor boards nationwide.

Role: Freelance Senior Designer / Agency: 72 and Sunny / Client: Coors Brewing Company / Media: Print / Creative Directors: Galen Graham, Jed Cohen / Designer: Mike Farrell / Jr. Designer: Clelia Hernandez / Writers: Various

Here’s the first ads that launched the campaign:



And a peek at some early newspaper ideas that never came to fruition: