Marguerite Lutton

Design & Art Direction

Coors Light

Last year 72 And Sunny developed a bold new voice to introduce the “Silver Bullet” to a current generation. The design and imagery needed to radically change to resonate with this new target, and my job was to do just that. Below, some of the work that helped drive the global overhaul.

Role: Freelance Senior Designer / Agency: 72 and Sunny / Client: Coors Brewing Company / Media: Print / Creative Directors: Galen Graham, Jed Cohen / Designer: Mike Farrell / Jr. Designer: Clelia Hernandez / Writers: Various

Some of the ads that are currently running:



Additional explorations that didn’t make the cut:

Including a booklet that was to be inserted in magazines:

The booklet got to the heart of the campaign by asking consumers to recognize their personal achievements that deserved just rewards, hence, Climb On.

Finally, some explorations for newspaper adverts: