Marguerite Lutton

Design & Art Direction

Atelier Crenn

When chef Dominique Crenn hired me to help brand her first solo project — Atelier Crenn Restaurant, I couldn’t believe it. I was thrilled to the likes of a starry eyed teenager to be part of such an incredible team.

Dominique and business partner, Michele Astorian, were clear in their mission: spare no detail and work with the best talent in the world. Dominique’s work is revolutionary and breakthrough, truly artwork not just for the palette, but all in all a full-blown sensory cavalcade. She is the first woman in the U.S. to have a restaurant with two Michelin stars, and in ad speak, that’s even bigger than a Clio award. Amazingly, through all the pomp and excitement that surrounds her, she remains utterly organic and earthy – the two key elements I hoped to highlight in shaping her brand.


Marguerite Lutton Design

When we first started discussing ideas, Dominique was certain of one thing: She wanted a circle incorporated into her logo. I was clear that this circle could be found in nature. Thus began my exploration and delivery of, “A Visual Presentation of Color, Type, Object and Emotion”, a 35 page mood board and visual case study.
Marguerite Lutton Design

I think we ended up with just the right mark for what Dominique had envisioned, an homage to nature in its “nestlike” shape combined with a simple yet elegant hand drawn typeface. In keeping with the organic tone we had established, I had the signature elements for the restaurant letterpress printed on gorgeous uncoated paper.

Marguerite Lutton Design



Marguerite Lutton DesignMarguerite Lutton Design

Dominique and Atelier Crenn are regularly featured in the press in publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, San Francisco and W magazines.